CMX is the premier international carbon exchange


Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) is the premier carbon-focused commodities exchange administering a proficient level of expertise to a continuously flourishing carbon market.

The originators of CMX began the trading of verified emission units with the goal of bringing fair and transparent price discovery and efficient risk management to the blossoming industry in 2005.

CMX is a joint venture between a series of global financial institutions and investment funds. In addition to its core shareholders, renewable energy developers, carbon brokers and energy trading firms have taken equity stakes in CMX, providing the exchange with a resounding vote of confidence by major players in the global emission markets.

CMX has currently expanded its operation across 6 major cities and continues to grow in preparation for the United Nations' implementation of a compliance based regulatory carbon mechanism in late 2015.


Carbon Market Experts

Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) is an emissions offsets exchange dedicated to global trading of carbon offsets and credits for cities, corporations, utilities and individuals in exchange for hard currency, credit, goods and services. CMX will help businesses, industries and individuals to monetize their voluntary emissions reductions efforts, while preparing for potential regulation at the Local, National and International levels. By establishing a market-based price for reducing emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases, CMX facilitates investment in new technologies and innovative products. This helps companies to build their brands, while developing the skills and institutions needed to manage environmental risks. Commodities traded on the TCCX include carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, emissions allowances, power purchase agreements (PPA’s) and feed in tariff (FIT) contracts.

An Established Global Presence

To seek out and seize corporate trading opportunities wherever business happens, CMX International maintains offices in 6 countries, including 3 planned expansions in the rapidly expanding Asia Pacific region. We only trade for our partners and do not trade with anyone other than registered broker-dealers. By investing in the latest technologies and leveraging our experience across market regimes, we bring consistency, profitability and transparency to today’s markets.